Shake Off That Offensive Comment

smirking tabby cat - shake off comment

As I’ve been planning for 2015 and what I want to create in my business next year, I’ve made a commitment that everything I create will come from a place of deep service, love, fun, and humor.

Once I decided this, the Universe seemed to really want to remind me about the humor part.

I was at the vet’s office the other day getting my cat checked out. The vet and I were exchanging small talk: he was from Iowa; I told him I was a Hawkeye. He asked what I majored in and I told him Communications.

And then he said, “Oh, so you went for the easy major.”

I could feel my eyes grow a bit wider and I (in my head) had the ‘Oh no you didn’t just say that?!’ moment.

Remembering this theme of humor that keeps showing up (thank you Universe), I smiled and said ‘That choice wasn’t about it being easy – it’s actually been a great fit for my career.”

A little annoyed, but knowing I was going to find the humor in that comment later, I let it go and we continued on but quickly turned our focus to Webster, the cat.

Now, old me would have been completely offended and that comment would have likely ruined my day; old old me would have thought he was right!

But, I went home and started to write this post and thought, what is funny about this? It took some time, but I realized that he said that to me as he was analyzing pus coming out of my cat’s paw.

In his mind he may have a ‘better’ major/career/whatever, but I would NOT, on any planet, want a job that had anything to do with analyzing pus.

So, what he does suites him and what I do suites me. And I do not define my worth based on my majors, degrees, career choices – perhaps he does. Either is fine – one way works for him, the other way works for me.

And I can honestly say I feel so much better now that pus has clarified the humor in the situation. I can let it go. Humor, in fact, makes it a lot easier to let things go.

Holding on to things like a comment, a tone of voice, a nasty look, can really weigh you down and over time accumulates leading to a lot of bitterness, anger, and taking things way too seriously. It can really suck the joy out of life.

I’m not trying to make light of serious situations but in most day-to-day occurrences humor can be found.

Learn to laugh at it and let it go.

It doesn’t excuse what the other person says or does, but you’re doing this for yourself, not for them.

So, the next time you have an ‘excuse me?!’ moment, ask yourself ‘what’s funny about this?’

It may not come to you immediately but I promise there is something to laugh about and it will help ease any pain, annoyance, anger and will bring more joy in your life.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

I’d love to hear, was there a situation that was tough at first but you’ve learned to laugh at? Leave a comment below!

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