How to Stop Letting Judgment Hold You Back

walking_awayWouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill that would rid us of judgment? If I were to make such a pill I would call it Judgebegone XL – no prescription necessary and only one side effect: more happiness. 🙂

Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ to overcome judgment. People judge – its human nature. It’s also human nature to care (often way too much) about what others think of us.

And many times when we begin to follow a less conventional path, and live a life true to who we are, others’ judgments can stop us in our tracks.

If you’ve ever been debilitated by the judgment of others, here’s a perspective shift to help:

What other people think of me is none of my business.

This has been said by many people before and is critical to understand especially if you do anything in your life where you ‘put yourself out there’. For me, I need to remind myself of this EVERY DAY.

You can’t change the fact that people judge but you can change the way you look at judgment.

People will have opinions, good and bad, and none of it is your business.

Do what is important to you anyway: in your work, your art, your life. It matters and the world needs it.

It certainly took some time for me to adopt and fully accept this new perspective but I freed myself from my self-imposed judgmental prison when I just let go and accepted the fact that people may judge.

When I started sharing my message on social media, I had a few people unfriend me. While at first this hurt, it helped me understand this perspective in a deeper way. And what helped me let go of the hurt was knowing that I am speaking my truth, doing work I love, and sharing a message that I believe in deeply. And if some don’t understand it or agree with it, that is totally okay and none of my business. It’s true for me, not for everyone. I don’t need to try to prove anything or justify what I’m doing. If I try to do that I’m in their business again trying to control their opinion of me…and trying to control anything just feels gross.

When you stand up for what you believe in and what you want to do in your life there is a sort of dance that takes place of attracting and repelling. Some people will love you, some won’t. Some people will understand you, some won’t. Some people will support you, some won’t. And all of this is okay.

The beautiful thing? You get to choose who you dance with. Don’t waste your time trying to dance with the haters. They are likely not really hearing what you are saying anyway and it will just lead to a lot of wasted energy of convincing or proving which is NEVER necessary. Dance with the lovers and allow everyone else to just have their opinions. After all, (say it with me now) “It’s none of my business!”



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