My Favorite Way to Change a Negative Perspective

neg perspectiveHave you ever noticed that with time comes perspective?

Often our perspective can soften the further away we get from a event – and this can happen with both the big and small experiences in life.

Maybe it’s that gym class experience from 8thgrade where you literally thought your life was over but now it’s one of your favorite ‘embarrassing moment’ stories to tell or how you SWORE you would never talk to your parents again because they wouldn’t let you go on the senior year spring break trip. (I may be speaking from experience here 🙂 )

To the bigger stuff like a loss of a job that steered you to follow a dream, a breakup that led to a lot of self-discovery, a death of a loved one that helped you learn to live life to the fullest.

At times though, it can be difficult to see the upside to the tough stuff in the moment. If you’ve ever felt stuck on the ‘negative side of the perspective tracks’ and are looking for some hope, here are a few of my favorite questions to re-boot my perspective:

  1. What’s perfect about this situation that I’m not seeing?
  2. What am I making this situation mean about me?
  3. What is my fear trying to show me?

(Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be writing more on what I mean by each of these questions)

I don’t necessarily get an answer right away but I often feel better just by looking at my situation through a more empowered lens.

Please know that this is not about being all ‘Pollyanna’ and just slapping positivity on everything. Emotions are real and should be felt but if you are feeling stuck and want to get out of your perspective rut these questions can help.

Everything in life is happening for the purpose of our growth. Truly.

And when you can come at your situation with an empowered mindset that is where the change, growth, and magic in life really start to happen.

Let your life and your perspective grow you into the person you are meant to be.

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