Why Tooting Is Important to Your Mental Health

A small rascalWarning: this article is not about how flatulence can help you become more enlightened…but how relieving would that be?!?!

It’s all about tooting your own horn – in the right way.

I recently celebrated my one-year business anniversary. As I was taking time to reflect on all that had happened within the year, I rather surprisingly blurted out, “I’m really proud of myself.”

I had never actually acknowledged, let alone said out loud that I was proud of myself. Even writing it on this blog is a big accomplishment.

In fact I often waited until someone else gave me validation on something, to even admit that ok, MAYBE I had done kinda a good job. (Even then I would be all modest and brush it off like it wasn’t a big deal).

We humans are often very good at recognizing the accomplishments of others but have a really hard time recognizing our own accomplishments and tooting our own horn.

But please toot! Tooting is important as long as it comes from a genuine place.

My idea of tooting your own horn is less about your ego and more about your heart. It’s about recognizing the goodness in you.

It’s not about bragging or being arrogant. Bragging carries the assumption that what you did had the purpose of proving something to others. When it comes from your heart, it is simply taking pride in something you’ve done but with no agenda of needing any sort of validation in return.

It’s more:

I put a lot of effort into this and I’m proud of it.


Look at how awesome I am. I am totally winning at life.

There is a difference between being arrogant about your accomplishments and being centered and humble about them. Stick with centered and humble and people will recognize it.

When was the last time you really recognized YOURSELF for something? If it’s been a while, take a moment today and think of one thing you’ve done recently that you were proud of – big or small! Maybe it was helping someone with a project at work or as simple as not sending that nasty email reply when you were upset at a colleague. It all counts. (If you really want to get crazy, try doing this on a daily basis. It will change the way you see yourself.)

This doesn’t mean you have to go around telling everyone, it could be something you just do for yourself but it can make a world of difference in how you show up for yourself and others once you start recognizing the goodness in you.

If anything this little exercise will help you get into a really loving relationship with yourself (the most important relationship you’ll ever have)…and what’s so wrong with that?

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