Think Your Fears Are Holding You Back? Here’s How to Fix That…

only way out through

At one time in my life I thought that if I was afraid of doing something it meant that I shouldn’t do it.

But now I see the opposite as true – that the real personal growth gold is on the other side of that thing I fear. In other words, the only way I’ll overcome the fear is by actually doing it.

Take following a dream as an example. I had this idea that people that went after their dreams were fearless – a special breed of people but not me. I thought that they must have some extra bravery gene that I was missing. It wasn’t until I took a good hard look at my beliefs that I realized my fears were actually not truth but excuses I had made up in my mind to keep me safe.

Nobody has extra bravery genes.

Everybody has fear.

Some people are just really good at looking their fear in the face and doing it anyway.

If you ever feel dragged down by your fear and stuck in a negativity rut, ask yourself: what is my fear trying to show me?

The fear is always showing us where we need to grow; aka: where we need to step out of our comfort zone.

Whether you are running a business or raising a family or interviewing for a new job, there will always be fear. I’ve come to realize that fear is just a passenger along for the ride of life. I have yet to meet anyone who is completely fearless. Some people are really good at managing their fear but everyone experiences it throughout their life.

And the best way to manage fear is to befriend it – NOT to push it down or pretend like it doesn’t exist. Ultimately our fear is trying to keep us safe – because fear doesn’t like change or the unknown. BUT in order for us to grow we must face change and the unknown.

So, next time you feel fear creeping up, ask yourself: what is this fear trying to show me? Maybe it’s the need for self-expression or learning to say no or being more vulnerable or courage to follow a dream.

Make friends with your fear, see what it is trying to show you in terms of growth, and then be brave and do the thing you fear.

Truly, the only way out is through.


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