Do What You Love In a Way that Works Best for You


I’m gonna be real for a minute. Building a business is the most freeing, wonderful, messy, terrifying, challenging, vulnerable thing I’ve yet done in my life.

There have been many, many episodes of trial and error.

Clarity always comes through action and business building has taught me this over and over. You can never think your way into what will work, you need to try it out first, see what works, and course correct accordingly.

But through the trial and error and course correction I’ve come to see that how you do what you love is just as important as the work you love, itself.

You must do what you love in the way that works best for you.

…which is exactly the lesson I’ve been learning over the last two months

Coaching is the thing that lights me up more than any work I have ever done BUT – I was getting all kinds of signs (another story for another time) that I needed to make some adjustments to how I coach – which involved dancing/movement.

It was becoming clear to me that I needed to work with others, who, like me, sometimes found their clarity and expression best through dance/movement, rather than words.

I was a little apprehensive at first because I didn’t know what it would look like but I’m so grateful to the many clients I was able to work with to find what this new modality looks like.

The Universe works in interesting ways – all the years of dance I’d taken (and even my recent years of joking that I loved having solo dance parties as a means of releasing emotions and feeling better) all came back to this coaching work I so love and how it can help others.

You just never know how that hobby you love could be part of a greater gift you can give to the world. I don’t think any of our interests are by accident. They are meant to be honored and shared with others.

So, if you know the thing you love to do but it still feels like something is off, look at HOW you are doing it. The how may surprise you. Two seemingly unrelated things you love to do all of a sudden come together and make perfect sense. This may take some time, like it did for me, but is exciting to watch it unfold. I feel more like me than I ever have…kinda like the gears have clicked into place and it’s full speed ahead.

More updates coming soon! 🙂

I’d love to hear – what’s something you love to do that you think just maybe could fit into your work? Leave a comment below.

Photo Credit: Kelly Elaine

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