Re-Directs and Going with the Flow

go with flow

“I’m just going with the flow.”

When I was younger I used to say this a lot. I didn’t really know what it meant but it was my way of showing that I was flexible and easy-going.

…until I became an adult and felt like I needed to control everything – people, situations, circumstances, jobs, money, and on and on.

But as I’m getting older and as life experience is teaching me we really don’t have control over anything…except ourselves.

This was at first hard for me to grasp but I’ve come to see the more I just allow this truth the easier it becomes to handle.

I believe that we live in a benevolent universe and that things are always happening for our growth. As hard as that can be to understand in the middle of really tough stuff, it will always make us better if we can allow it.

I just recently went through one of these universal re-directs with my business. I was feeling like everything about my business was based on an old identity that didn’t feel like me anymore and was being guided to make changes. The only way I know how to describe it is divine guidance. Some deeper part of me knew I needed to make these changes.

At one time I would have rejected this and thought it would be too much work, that I just needed to toughen up and keep going on this set direction that I had chosen….but I can only guess with age and experience a wiser part of me knew that it was time to change things up, do things differently, and be true to this new part of me that was emerging.

It required a lot of steps to shed the old and allow it to develop into something new. There was not only the physical work of developing a new approach, testing it with clients, updating the website, etc. but A LOT of internal work.

It was scary as hell to take on a new, completely different direction. To let go of a direction I was so sure of for a long time in order to do something that felt in my bones to be the truth of where I’m going next.

This is not the first re-direct I’ve experienced nor will it be the last.

But the thing is, every time I experience a re-direct, there is ALWAYS something better that comes of it. Has that happened to you? Even in the really crappy stuff like job loss and divorce – with time – something better has always come.

If you are experiencing a re-direct right now, hang in there. It’s not always an easy ride, but I promise, something even more wonderful is on its way.





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