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Meet Elyse Falzone

Elyse’s powerful impact on me:

Elyse is a true soul sister. There is a line in the Powerful Woman Manifesto that stands out when I think about Elyse’s impact on me: ‘When you stand in your power, you give others permission to do the same.’  I can say with certainty that knowing Elyse and seeing the amazing types of healing work she does with clients helped awaken new parts within me – gifts that deep down I knew were always there but wasn’t ready to look at. Sometimes all it takes is having a new person come into your life for everything to change. Elyse was one of those people for me.

Q&A with Elsye

Describe a bit about your background: where you grew up, what motivated you as kid, did that influence where you are now? Any experiences (work or otherwise) that influenced where you are now?

I grew up in southern Indiana and at a young age started gymnastics and dance. I grew up competing and through that learned a lot of discipline and going after your dreams and how to be coachable. However it also created this experience of feeling not good enough if someone else won. If I did win, I was always looking at how I could do better – always striving to be better and better. So, I had challenges with worthiness.

There are many things that led me where I am now:

I remember at age 2 talking about my grandmother who had passed away and I’d never met but I just knew things about her without ever being told. I had this gift of knowing things – between the ages 10 -13 that’s really when gifts started coming forward – I’d see spirits, hear things. I would talk to my mom and she was a great ear to listen, but I had no real mentors at the time that could teach me about what I was experiencing. I remember feeling scared and asking God for these gifts to be taken away but when the time was right to open them up again. A big turning point was at age 13, I got really sick and for 9 months my parents took me to doctor after doctor and a children’s hospital and no one could determine what was going on. A friend recommended seeing a naturopath/healer – in that moment I heard the message that I was going to be a healer.

It turned out the metal in my braces seeped into my bloodstream – so through the help of naturopaths, they helped rid my body of metal.

After college I moved to LA to dance and went to massage therapy school. I’ve been a massage therapist for 8 years.

The other real turning point came about five years ago when I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer… that experience was a wake-up call that I needed to follow my purpose and do what I really felt called to do in life.

Who and what inspires you?

I’ve never been able to answer that question and think of it in terms of one person. What inspires me is movement, art, expression. Nature inspires me.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. I do this because I’ve been called to this mission – I can’t not do it. Now that my eyes are open to these gifts I’ve been given, I cannot keep those gifts inside. I love that I get to help others experience the joy and miracles that I experience. Being able to provide that to others is such a beautiful gift. It feels like a purpose – there is a knowingness in it – it creates joy and love and freedom inside others.

What does power mean to you? What makes you feel powerful?

Power is ownership of self…old me would have said power is money. But now power is freedom – the knowing and trusting of your ability to do anything you want to do. That is power. Knowing you have the answers creates this freedom.

I feel powerful when I’m in service to others, when I’m giving in some sort of way. I feel powerful when I’m in alignment with Truth. I feel powerful when I’m owning all of who I am.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?

It’s the idea of looking at something from a different perspective. All problems can be solved when we look through a different lens. When we are in anger, sadness, fear, we are stuck in one view – but when we can flip it upside down the solution is usually just a few millimeters away.

Did you struggle in standing in your power? If so, how did you overcome it?

Yes – it all comes back to worthiness and the challenges I faced with that growing up. I often felt like a doormat trying to make everyone else happy and not share what I wanted. Dance was an outlet for overcoming that. The biggest thing was remembering who I was / who I am in the light of God. That was thru my spiritual mentors and teachers and different courses I attended that were specifically aligned toward connecting intuition.

We all have days where we are feeling anything but powerful, how do you work through that?

Sometimes I’ll cry first and then I recognize that I have a choice. I have a choice to let the day slip away or make a different decision. In choosing that different decision I’ll either meditate or walk in nature. For me, nature fixes everything.

Which line in the manifesto most rings true for you? Why?

“True power comes from an internal place of light, love, and honoring your unique gifts.” That is my definition of power.

Any other thoughts/comments you want to say on the topic of personal power…

Personal power isn’t something that is outside of us. It is within us. It’s never going to feel like true power until you go within.

Learn more about Elyse here: www.elysefalzone.com

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