Feeling Stuck? Start Cleaning

create spaceWhen I was growing up my dad would often say to my brother and me “turn that TV down I can’t hear myself think.”

Did you ever hear something similar?

I always thought it was a goofy phrase but now I can understand it and relate!

And just like sound can cause distraction, the objects we are surrounded by can have the same effect.

Objects create their own form of noise that block us from “hearing our self think.”

No matter where you are feeling stuck in life, try cleaning out the space around you. It’s a helpful way to turn down the noise.

The cluttered desk, the overflowing email Inbox, the closet bursting at the seams —- all that stuff carries energy with it that often subconsciously weighs us down.

Clear it out and the clarity will come.

Abundance in any form – whether that be money, creativity, ideas, love, etc needs S P A C E.

  • Has it been a while since you’ve gone through your emails? Are there emails you never open that you can unsubscribe from?
  • Is the mail piling up?
  • Is your workspace cluttered with stuff?
  • Are there clothes you don’t wear that you can sell or donate?

Let go of the weight so that you can create space around you.

Once you’ve done that you’ll want to create space within you.

Clear out your mind of the limiting thoughts about what you want – for example why you can’t have it, that you are too old/young, inexperienced, etc. These thoughts also take up space that block you from clarity.

Question those thoughts – even though they may feel true, they likely aren’t. Look for evidence to help prove why these aren’t true.

Give your inner and outer space a good cleaning. You’ll be feeling more clear and confident before you know it. And you deserve nothing less than that.

Photo Credit: Leonardo Wong

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