Don’t Let Worry Hold You Back Any Longer

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For a good amount of my life I let worry run my world. I was constantly in my head analyzing every situation, trying to predict and control the future, and bogged down by the what ifs.

But over the past three years I’ve been able to change that. It’s not that I’ve completely ridded myself of worry, it’s just that I have tools to work through it and I don’t allow it to control me anymore.

In today’s video I share one little practice that helped me change my worrisome ways. It, along with a lot of mindset work, helped me follow my dreams, start a business, move across the country, and do many bold things that my former self wouldn’t have imagined. It was that powerful for me.

If you ever feel paralyzed or even just annoyed by worry, check out today’s video and share with others who may find it helpful.

Until next time, sending you love.


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