How to Recognize Good vs Bad Fear

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There’s a myth out there that  in order to follow your dreams or do something scary you must become FEARLESS. But here’s what I believe: EVERYBODY HAS FEAR. (Not shouting, just emphasizing). Everybody. Everybody has fear.

But it’s sorta taboo to admit that we’re experiencing fear or what is really going on inside our minds.

I talk to a lot of people that think that because they have fear this is a sign not to go after the thing they want. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fear will be there, it’s just a matter of learning the difference between what the good and bad fear looks like and then working through the fearful thoughts that try to hold us back.

In this week’s video I’m talking about the two different kinds of fear (one is very constructive, the other…not so much) and where they tend to hang out in our body. Our bodies can give us a big clue into the type of fear we are experiencing. And at the end of the video I’ve got a challenge for you!

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