Listening to Your Body (vs Your Brain) for Guidance

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I’m pretty certain we’ve all made decisions against our better judgment only to learn the hard way that our initial *feeling* about something was right!

I’ve done this with jobs, relationships, living situations, and business deals, to name a few.

What I believe is that we all have an inner guidance system that is trying to guide us to our best lives. Since we’re all leading different lives what may be a ‘hell no’ for you could be a ‘hell yes!’ for me…and while the guidance we receive may be different, our guidance systems all work the same. That system uses our bodies, not our brains, to let us know when we are headed in the right or wrong direction.

In today’s video I’m talking about how to start connecting to that guidance system as well as how to tell when its your mind vs your intuition vs a bad burrito talking.

Give it a watch and then I’d love to hear, what’s your favorite way to connect back to yourself?

Sidenote: I totally throw down in this video as is apparent above. 😉

Until next time, sending you love.


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