Live Life Like An Improv Scene


I recently started taking an improv class. It was a way to get out of my comfort zone, explore a different side of myself, practice thinking on my feet, and laugh a lot.

A natural side effect of the class has been learning not to take myself (or others) too seriously. Even though my inner critic wants to point out how much better everyone else is than me, I’m managing to keep her pretty quiet and acknowledging that I’m at least DOING it. And that’s success to me no matter how “good” or “bad” she thinks I am.

Of course, being the nerdy life coach that I am, as I’ve been learning these fun improv techniques, I’ve been thinking about how they could apply to every day life too.

I’m talking more about one of these techniques in the latest video. Specifically it’s the idea of accepting whatever completely bizarre thing is happening in the scene (or your life) and working WITH it, not against it. Whatever is happening is exactly what’s meant to be happening and you build on it from there. What a concept for life too, right?!

Check out the video here:

I’d love to hear.  Is there something that might shift in your own life by coming at it from a place of full acceptance AND commitment to making it better versus fighting what is?

The acceptance may not come easily (as I mentioned in the video, it didn’t for me) but once it does you can start making something better of it.

And better is the direction life should always be headed. <3

Photo credit: Seth Doyle

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