There Are No Rules When It Comes to Your Dreams


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Have you ever just let yourself dream big? Like really big? Like if there were no rules what would you do? Who would you be? What kind of person would you be with? Where would you live? What would your ideal day look like?

You might be thinking that this sounds fun to do in theory but let’s come back down to reality…I have a request though, don’t come back down to reality. 🙂

Let yourself play with those bigger questions and stay in  that space for awhile. Explore what those bigger wishes are telling you.

If I can encourage one thing, it’s to pay attention when you’re in this day dreamy space. Listen to those nudges, feelings, and ideas that you get from within. It’s your inner guidance system talking to you.

So often we’ll hear those nudges but then try to fit our dreams into a ‘realistic’ career path that makes sense based on the real world. (Speaking from experience here!)

But rarely when we do that do they go very far because our dreams aren’t meant to be logical. They aren’t meant to “fit in”. Dreams by their very nature are designed to stand out.

In today’s video I’m sharing how to break the mold of needing to fit our dreams into a “realistic” metaphorical box of what we “should” do so that we can go after the REAL desire of our heart.

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