About Laura

IMG_0429Laura is a Los Angeles based personal growth teacher, artist, and coach.

For over ten years Laura taught in companies large and small on topics ranging from building trust, accountability & leadership,  time management, facilitation how-tos, and various system trainings.

After much deliberation, in 2014, Laura decided to trust her gut and left her role in Talent Development in Chicago, moved across the country, and started her own personal coaching business.

Laura teaches and speaks on the power of tapping into our own innate wisdom by listening to the body, not the mind. She teaches on such topics as the mind/body connection and the power of body wisdom in gaining more clarity, confidence, and self-trust for navigating life and change.

A dancer all her life, Laura recently created a class that combines self help, dance, and yoga. Her signature GuiDANCE classes help people further connect into their mind, body, and soul to find the clarity they seek…all while having a ton of fun.

Laura is a lover of stand-up & improv comedy, hiker, sweet tooth, and would adopt every animal in need if she could.

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Laura spent over 10 years in the Human Resources field where she trained/coached hundreds of people to be their best at work. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications, a Masters in Human Resource Management, and completed her coaching coursework under Dr. Martha Beck.

Laura has over 30 years of dance experience in all genres – her favorites being lyrical and jazz. In 2013 she completed yoga teacher training through CorePower Yoga.