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How to Recognize Good vs Bad Fear

There’s a myth out there that  in order to follow your dreams or do something scary you must become FEARLESS. But here’s what I believe: EVERYBODY HAS FEAR. (Not shouting, just emphasizing). Everybody. Everybody has fear. But it’s sorta taboo to admit that we’re experiencing fear or what is really going on inside our minds. […]

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Feeling Stuck? Start Cleaning

When I was growing up my dad would often say to my brother and me “turn that TV down I can’t hear myself think.” Did you ever hear something similar? I always thought it was a goofy phrase but now I can understand it and relate! And just like sound can cause distraction, the objects […]

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Need More Focus? Have More Fun.

Picture this: A friend calls you and with great enthusiasm asks: “Hey, I got tickets to a comedy show on Tuesday night, want to come?” You respond: “No thanks. I plan on going to Target that night to get my errands done for the week.” [insert cricket noise over the phone line. Friend hangs up […]

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