What People Are Saying…

“When I met Laura, I was in a job making great money, but I was bored, and unsure of what direction I wanted to move in. I considered myself capable and confident of my skills, but felt a bit directionless. I didn’t have the next 5 to 10 years figured out; it seemed like all of my peers did.
I started working with Laura to get clarity. I got that and a whole lot more:
  • The power of positive thinking and visualization
  • How to consistently listen to my body’s signals
  • Not to let my thoughts get in the way of my capabilities
  • Not to be afraid to ask for BIG things
  • How to stay focused on my own business and stop being caught up in what other people think and do
  • Identified my unique value proposition (how my gifts align with my priorities and what that brings to the table for an employer)
It turns out that *I* was my biggest enemy. My own thoughts about me and what I thought other people were thinking were the ultimate barriers in my life. Laura’s coaching was invaluable to freeing myself and helping me realize what I needed to focus on to continue moving forward.
 Seven months after I started working with Laura, I’m with a different employer, have been promoted to upper management, and I unapologetically ask for what I want.
For some, the thought of working with a life/career coach may have a touchy-feely mumbo-jumbo you-don’t-have-your-shit-together what-is-wrong-with-you connotation. But it shouldn’t.
Laura is enthusiastic and compassionate yet asks hard questions that will challenge your thinking about yourself. And she’ll hold you accountable from week to week as you work through identifying your gifts, questioning your thoughts and gaining clarity. She does it all with grace, a sense of humor and positive energy. I can’t say enough good things, as she’s made such a difference in the things that were previously slowing me down from further success. One of the biggest benefits is that even months after the coaching sessions are over, when I find myself getting drawn into doubt or negative thoughts, I’m now armed with tools that allow me to quickly work through those situations and continue confidently forward. Working with Laura has changed my life.”

Jenny W, Los Angeles

My time with Laura has brought more to me than 6 hours with my last therapist.  I am a very strong minded person who is not always easy to get through to. I can say with certainty that she truly has a gift in the way she communicates.  It is admirable really.  Also she has a great ability to simplify in a way that allows for easy understanding and integration.

Molly O, Los Angeles

Working with Laura in a “coaching through movement” session is a revelatory experience. You don’t have to be a dancer at all, you just have to be willing to connect your body to your heart and let it speak for you. Laura guides you through the whole process every step of the way and creates a very safe, gentle, loving environment to do exploratory work. She helps you see that the body has a much higher intelligence than our minds and if we can just learn to listen to it a little better, we automatically become more divinely guided. I had a bunch of very insightful “Aha” moments during my movement session—much more than I ever could from trying to analyze the issue. What I found is that the body has very important information to share with us at any moment and it gets to the core truth of the matter instantly. Luckily, Laura gives you the tools to unlock that information and access it at any point, so you can begin to make empowered choices and become clear about what you truly want for yourself and your life. It’s incredibly powerful work.

Christina H., Los Angeles

Laura is so generous with her knowledge and attention, I felt comfortable speaking from my heart and admitting the truth of matters right away, without guard or ego. Laura gave me amazing advice and insight, even before we did any moving. I’m constantly reading and taking classes and podcasting spiritual teaching, and she was able to share several ideas that I’d never heard. Her perspective was incredibly helpful for me.

Then, we got up and moved through some emotions. I let myself go in without expectation and was really moved by what happened. I have no doubt that everyone’s experience doing it will be highly individual, but there’s certainly nothing to fear. It’s just you and Laura, and there’s clearly no space for judgment or cause for self-consciousness when you move. She gave me very easy and practical homework that will help me move into the power I’m dying to let loose. That was my journey. What I love about this modality is how highly-individualized it is. Your session will be about you and you alone.

Sonya E., Los Angeles

Laura’s unique and fun approach to life coaching has helped me get in touch with my body & inner voice. The hybrid of her movement sessions and intuitive encouragement has given me such clarity and helped me to not only get grounded but to have important insights about my personal blocks that I am working to transform. I highly recommend sessions with Laura for a way to find forward momentum in your life.

Sarah P, Los Angeles

I scheduled a session with Laura to explore Coaching through Movement not knowing what to expect but open to how it might be able to help me. I am that person who struggles to express how they feel in words and have been working on connecting more deeply with my inner self.  Laura has such a beautiful soul with a gentle and supportive nature that it was easy to be open to explore those deeper energies. But the real epiphany came as she held the space to encourage what these meant through the movement. It was powerful for me to experience how I still hide a part of me through fear of being seen/judged and this came through clearly in the dance and movement. Laura is wise and intuitive and her style of coaching is amazing to get to the core of what you need to work on. Thank you Laura.

Debbie H, Los Angeles

I left so inspired to continue to have mini dance parties to tune into my feelings and how they are affecting me on a physical and spiritual level. I also have to say that I felt so incredibly safe with Laura. I walked in feeling a little self-conscious about the idea of moving in front of someone, but she immediately put me at ease and made me feel like it was okay to be vulnerable and “messy.”

Alicia L., Los Angeles


Laura’s thoughtful and thorough approach, outstanding communication skills, and genuine interest in helping others make her a rock star. She’s such a good listener, and has the killer combination of a big brain and huge heart. She has taught me a lot, and continues to inspire me.

Raleigh D, Chicago, IL

My meeting with Laura Snyder came at the right time. I was overwhelmed with making a few decisions about going back to school, career advancement and balancing my personal life. I found it to be a seamless process getting started. I was able to relay my concerns easily to Laura. I found her to grasp my concerns quickly.  I appreciate her feedback and quality of understanding of my situation.  I found the experience necessary and excited to implement the tools learned from our session.

Annette Y, New York, NY

I worked with Laura regarding a long overdue career change that I’ve been too stubborn and scared to make. She’s helped me take action and her words have been supportive and somehow these changes now all seem possible. I love that Laura pushes me to challenge myself. But I’m most grateful for the sympathetic ear of a really good woman.

Amy T, Los Angeles, CA

Through Laura’s coaching and guidance, I was able to learn how to reconnect to my inner self. It has empowered me to finally start taking the steps I need to feeling more fulfilled in my life and am definitely much happier as a result. Although I worked with Laura over email, it felt like I was just sitting having a face to face conversation. It’s rare to find someone who translates so well and personable in email. She’s fantastic!

Mike F, Rhode Island

What’s incredible is how naturally it comes to Laura. Most of the time I feel like I’m just talking to a really smart friend.  When we talk, she listens.  It’s a type of interaction that is warm, compassionate, and contagious; I’m often left feeling a little lighter and braver after each one of our conversations.  But what’s most impressive is that Laura has given me tools I use in my everyday life: solutions that have brought about enormous results almost immediately.  As my beliefs changed, the ideas of myself changed. And before I knew it, my life had changed.

M.O., Los Angeles, CA

Laura is a great listener and very easy to talk to. Her positive energy really makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Working with Laura has been a great experience!

Sarah I., Chicago, IL